First Public SYNERGETICS Calligraphy Brush Painting, 2016. See video and inspiration photos below.

My latest acrylic paintings are an expression of a primordial intelligence that permeates all space-time. These colorful paintings depict the 4 stages I go through in practicing SYNERGETICS Calligraphy Brush Painting. It's how I access and affect the quantum field within me and throughout the fabric of space.

Affecting the Quantum Field

SYNERGETICS Calligraphy Brush Painting requires deep relaxation and focused concentration. I must coordinate my ephemeral mind with my physical body. The goal is to extract quantum energy from the fabric of space and channel the flow of cosmic energy with concentrated thought patterns.

STAGE 1 - INTENT, Acrylic on stretched canvas, 24 x 30 in.


Intent motivated by integrity has taken me years to cultivate. The process is heart oriented. By opening my heart I have accessed the "singularity of my soul." This is an intergalactic portal to infinite creative energy. Breathing in prana energy establishes an electric current in the quantum field surrounding my heart. Controlled breathing sends encoded DNA information from the heart to the brain and then throughout the entire network of nerve cells. Almost instantaneously coherence is induced with every cell in my body.

STAGE 2 - COMMITMENT, Acrylic on stretched canvas, 24 x 20 in.


When mind/body have become one and I'm prepared to receive cosmic energy, I open and pour carbon based ink into the vestal. This "commitment to proceed" activates an "all hands on deck" program that resonates inside my body, sending chills across my skin. My breathing increases, my heart races. Tactile sensations rise in anticipation. The possible arrangement of each carbon molecule is infinite.

STAGE 3 - ENGAGEMENT, Acrylic on stretched canvas, 24 x 20 in.


The moment I dip the brush into the ink I make a physical connection to, and control, the entire quantum field of carbon molecules attached to the brush hairs. Suddenly a primordial intelligence woven into the fabric of space becomes self-evident. A symphony of self-awareness begins self-arranging, self-organizing and self-connecting. I begin to release my self-control.

STAGE 4 - IMMERSION, Acrylic on stretched canvas, 24 x 18 in.


Immersion happens by releasing self-control and allowing the flow of cosmic creative energy to flow wildly, unanticipated and always without hindrance or restraint. I find my mind being transported to another space and time. In this painting I'm "entertaining my imagination." Entering the world of imagination and receiving primordial wisdom is always a pleasant experience because I know that in all cases it always and only exists within the comfort of your own mind.

Synergetics Calligraphy is the most powerful of all my art because it comes from a primordial intelligence that permeates all space-time. By allowing cosmic energy to pass through my body, through the brush and onto the paper I am affecting the quantum states of each carbon molecule, literally, creating a carbon imprint of my soul.


Thank You for reading this as Artistic Poetry. It is not meant to be misunderstood as PseudoScience or Religion.  Peace.





August 6, 2017,

Designs for Science and Learning, Los Angeles, California USA

Special thanks to Karen Reeser for capturing this on video and a very special thanks to Tomas Muscionico for taking the inspirational photos I used in these paintings.