June 23, 1931 - November 18, 2014

The one word that best describes my father is INTEGRITY! He is my Inspiration and my Hero!

He was a high school wrestling coach with a competitive nature to life... but his competitiveness never over shadowed the kindness and the compassion he gave to every living thing on this planet. He loved my mom, Nancy, dearly and he made all of us kids, Tom, Kim and Me, feel like we had a very special purpose to fulfill in Life. He fulfilled his purpose many times over with his unconditional love for all of our family and the countless number of his students and athletes he touched throughout his life.

He accepted his diagnosis of terminal cancer with grace and dignity and I am eternally grateful that I could be with him in the last few day of his life. He was at home with all of his loving family when his soul peacefully and gently left his body. There is no sadness for me... all I feel is LOVE.

Dad, you've opened up my heart like a giant flowering lotus blossom... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Mike and Nancy in front of there home in Moses Lake, Washington, six week before his passing.

Mike and Nancy's kids... Tom, Me and Kim. I'm so grateful we could all be together.