Higgs Boson Sketches

In 1987, "Synergetics Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking", Bucky's vision of Universe inspired me so much that I declared my intentions to repeat Bucky's "50 Year Experiment" and to relied only on experiential evidence to guide and direct my activities.

Back then, as a recent USC architectural graduate, this line of thinking was not "normal". My friends and colleagues just rolled their eyes in wonderment. The only real encouragement I received was from Allegra Fuller... which was warmly welcomed and empowered me tremendously!

The other form of encouragement I received was a scientific discovery... for the first time science smashed apart the atom to validate the existence of sub-atomic particles! Conceptually these are Bucky's A & B Quanta Modules. This was extremely motivating and removed all apprehension! That is why I used the image of particles colliding on the cover of my "50 Year Experiment"... a declaration of intent, 1987.

25 years later... half way through my experiment... I re-dedicated myself to "converting my experience to the highest advantage of others"...

To initiate this effort I conceptualized "The Energy Node Project". It's a "Binary Building System" that allows you to build scale models, and to construct structures that are extremely light weight and incredibly strong. The geometry is based on the Isotropic Vector Matrix.

This was another point in my life that my intuition was leading me into the unknown. As I was finding my way in the dark, once again, scientific discovery illuminated my way!

They found...

"The GOD Particle"

Science discovered the Higgs Boson! I was thrilled beyond belief! Conceptually I saw the Higgs Bosons as the "Energy Nodes" separated by the "Space/Time Vectors" of my Binary Building System. Now I'm realizing that the fractal nature of this building system has more applications than just building large scale structures. My excitement grew wildly as I imagined this system being used to design and visualize nano-scale structures.

I started sketching and these images appeared quite spontaneously...

This is the concept: When the nucleus is in equilibrium it's defined by the 12 around 1 linear vectors... when the nucleus is activated, or energized, it moves off center... bending space/time. This requires Bezier type curves to define it's position in space... the more active it becomes the more control points (bosons) it takes to define the Bezier curves... (when you're "looking"!)

I'm aware that this is not exactly scientific... BUT I get so much enjoyment exercising my creativity that I just had to share this with you. Please let me know what you think about my Higgs boson "artistic" concept.

Even if the concept is flawed, don't you think the boson field is better visualized with the IVM as apposed to the square Cartesian grid?

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