DIY Friendship Scrolls

A friendship scroll is a simple work of art given from one person to another as a symbol of friendship and as an acknowledgment of the importance of nurturing kindness and compassion.

The friendship scroll is handmade and the act of creating it cultivates inner strength and warmheartedness. Extending your heart to all who have touched your life will make a difference in our world.

Make one for your friends!

The artwork is simple but the gesture is eternal.

My paintings are an expression of a primordial intelligence that permeates all space/time. The geometry is a depiction of the fabric of Space self-arranging, self-organizing and self-connecting.

I find that Synergetics Calligraphy is the most powerful of all my art because it comes from the eternal energy of space/time. Energy passes through my body, through the brush and onto the paper.

My Friendship Scrolls are literally carbon imprints of my soul.

Thank you for accepting this symbol of friendship, it warms my heart.

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