EU: A Path To Consciousness

(Please read this as Artistic Poetry, Not to be misunderstood as PseudoScience or Religion... Thank You!)

Prior to my introduction to the Electric Universe theory I was under the impression that Space was empty and that everything in the Universe was dead. Cosmology implied that its just rocks randomly smashing into each other, and that all of this was happening, somehow, because of, Gravity? WHY?

I understood the "gravity" of my inquiry, but I just felt that somehow "Not Knowing" was holding me back. WHY?

My intuition led me to look inward, and in quiet meditation I began to feel an energetic force within me. Over time my feelings for this energetic force grew with overt intensity. I refer to this experience as my "Kundalini Awakening", and, at 59 years old, it felt as if I had entered a "Second Puberty". Except, this time it was in my heart-mind, not in my pants.

The same inquiries that led me to Kundalini Energy also led me to information on the Electric Universe theory! This cross pollination of thinking triggered a paradigm shift in me and a Wake-Up call to all my senses. Now, "Everything" seems "Alive", I am starting to sense that everything is nothing but energy. In quiet solitude I sometimes sense that this exquisite energy even exist with intent!

As more of my morphogenetic fields come on-line and my awareness expands, I'm beginning to FEEL a connection to the Universe on a quantum level! It's Electrifying!

I'll explain what's happening using my paintings as visual-aids.

In mental and physical states of coherence my masculine energy and feminine energy extend up my spine from the root chakra to the crown chakra. Then, miraculously, these energetic filaments, begin to curl around my heart! (painting 1).

By coiling around each other, the two oppositely charged filaments create a magnetic field. As the centers spin faster and faster it magnetically draws in charged particles along the axis of spin at the root chakra and the crown chakra. These charged particles are extracted from the vacuum of Space to create a current of electricity flowing inward. (painting 2).

The extracted particles are magnetically contained and funneled at accelerated velocities into concentric fractal toroidal compression systems. (painting 3).

Thank You for listening to my story, I'm very grateful to be able to share this with you!  PEACE!!

Jim Walters
August 16, 2016,

Designs for Science and Learning, Los Angeles, California USA

As all of this Cosmic Energy approaches the center of my heart it's compressed to a single stream of quantized energy packets traveling at the speed of light! Ironically what enters the infinitely small Center is "Nothing", or "No Material" things, just Pure Energy... [SPACE]! Space IS the Consciousness of the Cosmos! (painting 4).

When my consciousness reaches the singularity it charges and electrifies the plasma in my heart and instantly conducts Pure Cosmic Energy to every cell in my body. (painting 5).

In this state of consciousness I AM SPACE. TIME is no more, or at least its all at once. I can see my entire life in an instance. Now, I can "look at" my perceptions of Reality and "look at" my perceptions of Life. I am genuinely comforted to see how my perceptions have evolved throughout my own Life-Time. The most Life Affirming experience I ever had was having the privilege to meet My Intuition, My Kundalini Energy, My Soul! (painting 6).

What I am experiencing is growth from the inside-out. The Universe is informing me, and I am informing the Universe, thus creating a continuous toroidal feedback loop. In stillness, Cosmic Energy flows into my chakra systems, the information contained within Cosmic Energy is processed by my morphogenetic fields and then it's Self-Transformed into Intuition, Creativity and Self-Expression!

Photo by Tomo

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