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June 22, 2008

The Art of Drawing Polyhedra... this is the first in a series of demonstration videos on drawing polyhedra... inspired by Buckminster Fuller's "SYNERGETICS, Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking"... Thanks for watching...


SYNERGETICS Calligraphy Demo

February 25, 2012

This is a SYNERGETICS Calligraphy demonstration using the traditional "Four Treasures" and techniques developed by Chinese calligraphers three thousand years ago! This is a video me painting a portion of a 50 foot long scroll. I'm also visited by my VERY SPECIAL GUEST...Zelda!!... Thanks for watching...



Practicing SYNERGETICS Calligraphy requires deep relaxation and focused concentration. You must coordinate the mind with the physical body. The goal is to exercise and build your thinking, nerves, brains and body “little by little”.

Position yourself squarely in front of the paper, plant your feet firmly on the floor, center your body and visualize the empty space in front of you. Visualize the “lead” polyhedron, hold the brush in an up right “center tip” position, focus on the tip of the brush hairs and let your creative expression emanate from the center of your body without confinement. Resist the impulse to amend or fix a stroke, you must rely on each subsequent stroke to create a balance and harmony on the page.

Use the stroke thickness and opacity to create perspective. With practice your calligraphy will create the perception of three dimensional space with structures that have a clear insideness and outsideness to them. If the structure looks bent or deformed use the space around it to suggest an outside influence and interaction is occurring.

Creating a mental Alpha state allows your subconscious to communicate directly with the mind. Mastering these techniques allows the subconscious to drive the brush, much like our subconscious drives our hands on the steering wheel of a car. The hands make thousands of tiny cybernetic adjustments to continually adapt to its three dimensional environment. If this state of consciousness is maintained during the calligraphy session then what you end up with is an image of where your mind has been... a vision of your inner space.

Practicing SYNERGETICS Calligraphy is a transcendental journey that allows you to map your own...


SYNERGETICS Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking

is R. Buckminster Fuller’s conceptual mathematical model  of Universe. Bucky derived SYNERGETICS from his experience and has presented it as experimentally verifiable. My pursuit to understand  Bucky’s SYNERGETICS swiftly became an ever evolving experiential thought process revealing the underlying principles operative in Universe.

The concepts described by Bucky fundamentally challenged the way I perceived 3D space.  Instead of describing structures in the typical 90 degree, X,Y,Z Cartesian coordinate system, Bucky began by defining a 60 degree coordinate system based on the closest packing of spheres and called it the Isotropic Vector Matrix.


Having a desire to follow along and inspired by Bucky’s own hand-drawn illustrations, in 1985 I began drawing the easily recognizable tetrahedron and octahedron.


I found that the process of building models and drawing polyhedra, helped me conceptualize the fundamental concepts in SYNERGETICS. It also provided a great deal of satisfaction in the discovery and validation of each concept. The more I learned the better my drawings became. Recognizable patterns emerged and with practice they became memorable. I started drawing them everywhere. I began to love and appreciate their innocent beauty and simplicity.

It’s not just the form on the page that appeals to me, but it’s the process and methodology of creating each stroke that has become an everlasting part of my life. To elevate my polyhedra drawings to a status of “calligraphy” I adopted the techniques of operating a brush and the principles of structuring a character developed by Chinese calligraphers three thousand years ago!


The intent is that each stroke of the polyhedra is drawn but once, it can not be amended, enhanced or fixed. It must come from the heart. The goal is to vividly and honestly convey your mind image and intention.


At this point I do not consider myself a “Master”, but I have experienced moments of brilliance and I do expect that in time I will establish myself as

SYNERGETICS Calligraphy Master.

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