Timeline Sketch Book

Magical and Colorful Impressions of My Innermost Thoughts and Feelings

Over the last few years I have gone through a conscious shift in my perception of Reality. It feels as if I entered a kind-of Second Puberty! I can feel, on a cellular level, my Mind, Body and Spirit connecting with the Universe!


Now, approaching the 30th year in our 50 Year Experiment, I am experiencing an evolutionary impulse to "Convert My Experience to the Highest Advantage of Others." This book is a compilation of Timeline Sketches and Art Journals that I created to outline and to reflect on the last 30 Years.


Amazingly the sketches took on a life of their own and in the process began revealing to me Who I Really Am! This book also illustrates the creative process as I journeyed Inward in quiet meditation and then allowed my Intuition to Freely express itself. The non-linear flow of words, symbols and geometries creates magical and colorful impressions of my innermost thoughts and feelings.


As this book is a work in progress and is a process driven creation, it takes time for me to fully understand the inspired meaning of the Art work. In fact, it might be communicating something entirely different to You. I invite you to browse the book in its entirety (124 Pages, and it can be viewed in Full Screen).


If you are so inclined, please leave a comment below. I would be delighted to hear from you!




November 1, 2016