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In an information society an understanding of the quality of information, its access and organization is critical. The electronic revolution, with new interaction between people and machines, has made possible the ability to process enormous amounts of information.  This allows an individual to make their own way through knowledge.


The Los Angeles Center for Science and Learning will become a place for the monitoring and gathering of global information, for the development of computer based learning systems and for the dissemination of this information.


Its roll will be to identify and communicate the leading edge of innovation in peace keeping, health, education, energy, productivity, self-help, community building and so forth.


With its campus like atmosphere, the “center” will not only function as an educational institution, it will function as a resource as well as a research institution. It will maintain a unique character as an environment with a rich mixture of education, professional and research programs.



- Computer based public library with computational interactive video channels.


- Interactive video production department for the development of computer based learning systems.


- Research center for the applied research in advanced media and communication technology.


- Learning facilities for people to develop self improvement techniques being promoted by the human potential movement, the holistic health movement and by movements that reemphasize the quest for meaning and the spiritual dimension of life.




- The site is eighty five acres centrally located in the Beverly/Fairfax area.


- It is conveniently accessible to the business, financial and entertainment districts of Beverly Hills, Century City, West Los Angeles and Hollywood.


- The proposed Metro Rail aligned along Fairfax Avenue with a station on the north west corner of the site will allow easy access from both downtown Los Angeles and North Hollywood.


- The land owners are contemplating new joint development proposals whether or not the Metro Rail is built.

The “center” will respond well to the changes that mass transit will bring to Los Angeles.


- The history of the site has always been one of entertainment and public interaction (football stadium, baseball stadium, Farmers Market, Pan Pacific Theater and the drive-in theater).


- The integration of the site will remain as one of the entertainment, public interaction and communication.