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The 50 Year Experiment

In 1927 R. Buckminster Fuller  started a 50 year experiment to discover what, if anything, he could do for humanity if he gave up all beliefs and relied only on experimental evidence to guide and direct his activities.

In 1984 I had the great privilege to spend eight weeks at the RBF Institute in Los Angeles working on the World Livingry Shelter Project. I was personally moved by Bucky's initiative and how much effort he devoted to documenting and preserving his 50 Year Experiment.

At this time I was also getting an intimate look at the life of Charles and Ray Eames working at the Neuhart Donges Neuhart design office. In this case it was the Eames' creativity and their celebration of LIFE that touched me.

My USC School of Architecture 5th year thesis, 'The Los Angeles Center for Science and Learning', "an in depth investigation into the learning process and how best to facilitate it", was the foundation of this experiment and the influence of Buckminster Fuller and Charles Eames was the motivation. I realized I too would be creating my own reality, and these were the life styles I would follow... I would start by becoming a participant in the... 50 Year Experiment ! !

The objective of this document was to declare publicly our  intention to repeat Bucky's experiment and provide humanity two additional thoroughly documented case histories of...


Photos of the 50 Year Experiment document that Karen and I conceived, photo printed, hand-bound and distributed back in August 20, 1987.

We are now 25 years into our 50 year experiment...

We're HALF-WAY through our experiment !!



In 2014 I entered The ENERGY NODE Project in the Buckminster Fuller Institute 2014 FULLER CHALLENGE! The process itself was a remarkable experience for me. Being a participant in the 50 Year Experiment, I have keep most of this experience very close to my heart. 27 years into the experiment and NOW I’m feeling a tremendous evolutionary impulse to share this information. In the Questions/Answers I give a brief history of my journey and I describe my first encounter with with Bucky.

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