12 Degrees of FREEDOM

/ˈfrēdəm/ the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Expression of Thought

(1) 24" x 18" Canvas Painting

(1) 108" x 30" Canvas Triptic Painting

(6) Kraft Paper Table Dressing Drawings

(30) 10" x 8" Blotting Paper Paintings

(30) 10" Diameter Paper Plate Palette Paintings

(14)  2 1/2" Diameter 3D Printed Physical Models


Expression of Thought


I'm making good progress on

The ENERGY NODE Project... enthusiastic updates will be posted soon!!

Back in April I reached a point when I felt the design work along with the full scale mock-up was convincing proof of concept... and that it was time to describe WHAT this is and WHY anybody would be interested in it?!... (other than myself of course.)

I thought I would be a writing a proposal but my notes turned into scribbles and my scribbles soon turned into paintings. I paused and decided to encouraged my intuition to direct my activities without hindrance or restraint. The first acrylic painting on canvas..."Bubble Universe"... took me back to the BIG BANG! It was necessary to illustrate that SYNERGETICS Geometry demonstrates a Primordial Intelligence that permeates ALL SPACE and TIME!

"Bubble Universe"

Self-Organizing and Self-Arranging Primordial Building Blocks of UNIVERSE.

The 12 around 1 omni-directional quanta is at the heart of everything. It's equipped with 12 omni-directional perimeter receptors and a central core. When perimeter receptors attract each other and form a bond, it's called the "kissing point".

The "12 Degrees of FREEDOM" painting portrays an instance of the BIG BANG when sub-atomic quanta are in the early stages of aggregation and self-integration.

"Kissing Point".

"12 Degrees of FREEDOM"

12 Around 1 Closest Packing of Spheres

Clarity of Thought

The clarity of thought that was slowly formulating before my eyes provided another opportunity for me to photo document the illusive "design process"... (in it's natural habitat!). I also implemented anticipatory design science practices by capturing the experience... without predigest!

I saved, 1. the blotting paper, 2 .the paper plate paint palettes and 3. the kraft paper table dressing that I used during the painting process. These were then use as moments of inertia to perpetuate new and unforeseen expressions of creativity.

This is It!

12 Degrees of FREEDOM... a concept distilled down to a single form!

"What does it mean?", you ask. Well...

It's a state of mind... it's the Freedom to change your mind! It's the Freedom to give up beliefs and to rely solely on intuition and experiential evidence to guide you on your own path of learning, love and life. It's about engaging the source of creative power deep within your soul... or, in my case, the outer reaches of Universe. This Freedom comes with no words and can only be experienced. Joys of Life can be touched by embracing the Freedom to express and communicate that which can no longer be contained!

Cheers my friends... today is a good day!

September 12, 2013

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